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We are recruiting...

...broadly by definition, but there are areas where we would like to add specific expertise if possible. All our current projects are related to the development and application of mass photometry. Below you will find a general description, to find out more, please get in touch directly.


Experimental Optics

We are looking for candidates with either a passion for, or expertise in, the construction of complex optical setups, including the interfacing of motorised components and digital cameras. Ideal is a background in high performance light microscopy, but general skills in handling mirrors, lenses and laser beams will do! More information and the application form are here.

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Advanced data analysis

We believe that some of the biggest advances in mass photometry could be achieved by implementing advanced image processing and classification algorithms. Candidates with background in electron microscopy, who would like to apply their skills to something new, could find an exciting environment with us. More information and the application form are here​.


Surfaces and bilayers

Detection in mass photometry to date require some level of immobilisation on a detection surface. So far this has been mainly simple microscope cover glass, but we are looking to go far beyond these non-specific interactions using passivated/functionalised surfaces as well as lipid bilayers. More information and the application form are here.


Nucleic acids

We constantly find ourselves in situations where we could do ’so much more’ if only we had expertise in nucleic acids, be it for DNA origami, or even much simpler structures. We believe that skilful  application of this technology to mass photometry could be transformative, but we do not have any local expertise. More information and the application form are here. (image: PDB 4V5X)

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