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Foley EDB, Kushwah MSK, Young G, Kukura P

Mass photometry enables label-free tracking and mass measurement of single proteins on lipid bilayers.

4 Oct 2021

Mass photometry unchained from microscope cover glass. Detection, imaging, tracking and mass measurement of membrane-associated complexes. In our opinion, the beginning of a new era for MP.

Protein–protein interactions are involved in the regulation and function of the majority of cellular processes. As a result, much effort has been aimed at the development of methodologies capable of quantifying protein–protein interactions, with label-free methods being of particular interest due to the associated simplified workflows and minimisation of label-induced perturbations. Here, we review recent advances in optical technologies providing label-free in vitro measurements of affinities and kinetics. We provide an overview and comparison of existing techniques and their principles, discussing advantages, limitations, and recent applications.

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